This is an uncorrelated list of thoughts that have crossed my mind in the past few hours, which I feel the need to address, irrespective of what science proves or religion preaches.

First off, I’ll say the best way to have a problem handled is to share it. You’ll be amazed at how many different angles people will see it from. And the more the angles, the more the possibilities for a solution. (And in or out of line with that, I have had at least one major confrontation with all the ones I can call my great friends today - and by major confrontation, I mean : bitter argument, closest thing to a fight, in which each one gives all they’ve got, to hurt the other as much as they can mentally and psychologically. So if you’ve gone through one of those with me, stop blushing).

It’s much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers that might be wrong.

Experience is the best teacher” - is a gross understatement. Placing experience with the likes of mere teacher-sayings is demeaning and understating to say the least, for experience is the only means by which most lessons are completed, and sometimes, learned at all. Overemphasising the importance of experience is not humanly possible!

There’s a reason for everything that happens. In particular, every thing/detail that doesn’t go according to plan. And the “out-of-plan” is a new plan on its own. Instead of wondering why the old plan went wrong, I try to figure out where this new plan is leading to…and plan accordingly in line. That’s MY way, but maybe you should try it.

I’m elevated when I listen to Exogenesis: Symphony, Pt. 1: Overture by Muse.  And by elevated, I mean physically elevated!

Again and again, people have thought that we humans could do better. Much better.  Those in the past saw in the nightmare of their times, a dream for the future. We of their future, see that their dreams in certain ways surpassed, have in many ways remained dreams.  The hopes for the future today are, in good share, those of yesterday.

It was erroneous to say (like I did earlier) that these thoughts I mention are uncorrelated, as it is the exact order in which they come to my mind.

Those fellows who claim to run up and down Mt. Cameroon in 4hrs (a record which has recently been beaten down to 3hours 50-something minutes) are clowns, alongside those who believe they do. Don’t even try to convince me. I’ve been there! I went, I saw, I …damnit. Impossible!

Love is not the fairy tale, once in a lifetime, head rolling, heart popping, feeling that comes over you when you see or meet “the one”. Love like any other feeling, is created, nurtured and built by you. It is not automatic. It is MANUAL! You choose whom to love. Think of that person you’d catch a grenade for five years ago. Remember what you thought and said about the future of you two? Is it the same now? Or have you picked up another more compatible person (with whom you share seemingly indestructible feelings now which will seem vague five years from …). You get the point. Yes you do.

Choice is not always an advantage. It comes with the price of regret that the other option just might have been the better one.

Last off (for the moment), the world/life does not owe you anything. Always keep that in mind, and act like it. Remain always blessed.