Between anger,  passion,  news, sorrow, fury  and all other randomness it’s quite easy - too easy - to get lost and forget your duty to the world: to give out what’s in you. Let something out from inside. A word,  a book, a song; scream for God’s sake! Tell a story, make something. Plan a trip,  break something. Do something that’s not taking in matter but giving out from inside. Producing it. Making it as only you in your uniqueness can. Create, inspire; now. Go paint. Make squiggly lines on a white canvas. Call it art. Talk about it like they’re more than just squiggly lines on a white canvas.

An easy reflex when we get home is to switch the TV on. Slump onto the couch. Possibly complement it with a smart phone. From then,  it’s usually one way -  consume. We are eager to know what’s happening in Syria. The latest move in the transfer window. The stock market. The latest episode of Game of Thrones. Plus there’s ‘the internet’. *Sighs*. There’s never been so much digital content and we just can’t get enough. It’s never been easier to get lost in all the randomness.

It’s amazing how much you can design in your mind in a minute of inner stillness. 

Remind yourself to pause every now and then. To stop taking in, breathe, and give out even if only for a moment. Something. Anything. We owe it to the world. At least we surely do.