The Value of an Idea

     What do you think the value of an idea is? You surely have had an idea that you really thought was worth millions. Did you get those millions into your wallet? No? How comes?Surely because an idea, in itself, has no real value. None. $0. Null! The value of any idea is created when the idea is promptly turned into a project and implemented. Not before then!

     So it’s out of place to rant over people having ‘stolen’ your idea. How come? Ideas are intangible! Millions of people before you had that same idea by the way, so you just might have as well ‘stolen’ their idea. As long as they did nothing about it, the idea is yours for the taking, but not for long though, unless you give it value by swift implementation!

This principle too, is applicable to newly acquired knowledge.

     Have you ever learned something that could make a real difference in your life? Maybe it was something to improve the way you work, your time management, a tip to increase your efficiency? Or maybe some techniques to create a new stream of income? Or more?

You would typically:

·         Ask a friend who probably has no specialized knowledge on the subject, about what they think. Now, because people around you are available and willing to help doesn’t make them good advisers.  So, if you seek advice, why not ask someone who is knowledgeable and successful on the topic about which you are concerned?

·         You might think about it for days, and then eventually, it completely disappears from your mind. You decide to “take some time to think about it”, but there is always something else to do and so each time, it gets postponed to ‘later’ which never comes. 

     Not to say by any means that thinking before making a decision is not important but rather that there is a good way and another way around it. If you decide you will have to think about it before taking your decision, schedule a precise time-slot and apportion a particular time length to take to deeply think about it. After which, you decide whether or not you are going to do it. The decision must not be postponed. If you think you need the advice of an expert, find them now, and act now to ask for a consultation or whatever. Set a deadline for taking your decision, and respect it. And the deadline should be as short as possible. Postponing is simply a way to avoid taking a decision. Implement it. This is the best way to truly learn it. You learn something valuable; you implement it as soon as possible.

 Speed of Implentation is Key.

     We are in a world ofconstant solicitation. We are bombarded from everywhere with information and messages to get our attention. There’s good and bad to it, but that’s just the world as it is today. In such a world, whenever there is a new idea or new knowledge you want to implement, you will have to do it fast. Why? Because if not, chances are high that you will never implement it at all. There are just so many things happening in your life and you already have so many things to think about to keep on queuing ideas up. Also, in the worst case scenario, you just might be ‘too-late-Hewett!’. So be prompt to implement. The number one skill is not just ‘implementation’ but ‘speed of implementation’. How promptly you implement new ideas into your life will determine how soon you achieve your goals.

     In brief then, create the habit of implementing new knowledge or ideas as soon as you have them. Rather than postpone them to later which usually becomes later than you postponed!


PS. Credit goes to the one who did, not the one who planned to do.