OK. Here I go, in as few words as possible… The name as you know is Absalom. Became part of the fast-moving I.T. industry on the 20th July, a year ago. It’s kinda hard to forget coz it’s the eve of my birthday! As a matter of fact, I got introduced to Wasamundi, her team and her million and one apps by ever-imaginative co-founders Nara Laurence and Quincy Kwende. It’s been a blast thereafter, fighting PHP bugs, getting all worked-up over CSS and HTML ‘behaviour’, bullying  or possibly being bullied by JAVASCRIPT and AJAX, and hustling and tussling other software-related innovations.

Coming to think of it, there’s not much more fun than doing what you love and getting paid for. RIGHT?? (Thanks for the little smile and nod right there :)) That’s definitely what I’m doing and will continue doing for a while… Luckily ‘a while’ ranges from a few milliseconds to infinity.

 A definite positive influence to me, which I think lives in the spirit of every entrepreneur are these words I heard from Al Banda of Activ Spaces, Buea :

      “Once you are providing a solution, there will always be income generated.”

So my thinking is: instead of overthinking how to make money, look around you, and take up a problem you or others are facing (it doesn’t necessarily have to be building a satellite (though I’m not saying it should not be), just a basic one) and in the course of solving that problem you will surely get income out, or in the worst case, you’ll see a way of getting income out. But that’s just my thinking!

Also, if you surround yourself with people who don’t compromise what they want, you will surely incorporate a similar attitude.

PS/ Let mediocrity give way for novelty!!!