Alright. There are 3 works of art by which I am greatly inspired right now, which I will definitely mention eventually. These masterpieces all propagate a way of thinking that is too good to be true, yet too logical to be untrue. Crazy enough, it has been a secret for a while now. A secret that can give anything and everything you want. A priceless secret.

Rhonda Byrne calls it ‘The Secret/The Law of Attraction’, Norman V. Peale refers to it as ‘The Power Of Positive Thinking’, Napoleon Hill says you can ‘Think And Grow Rich’. However these 3 masterpieces have referred to it, they have all passed on the same idea: that whatever goes on predominantly in your mind, you are attracting and eventually, calling to reality whether voluntarily or involuntarily.

That your thoughts become things!

Unlike the law of magnetism that states ‘like poles repel’, this ‘law of attraction’ says ‘like attracts like’. That when you think a thought, you attract like thoughts, depending on whether what you are thinking is positive or negative. Reason why, one unhappy thought leads to a lot more such unhappy thoughts, and so does one happy thought bring along lots more of happy thoughts.

The law teaches that our thoughts have frequencies, and when emitted, they attract similar thoughts of similar frequency back to us. We all experience those days when everything seems to go wrong. The chain reaction starts with one bad thought that was emitted from us, which attracted similar negative thoughts, and since thoughts are things, eventually something went wrong and it picked up from there. What you need to fix such days, is a simple ‘shift’ in your thoughts. You have the choice, and you need to choose to be happy!

One aspect of this law is, like any other law, it is impartial, and permanent. You don’t see pigs flying because gravity forgot or chose not to act at some instance. Same with the law of attraction. It is always there acting on your thoughts, attracting similar thoughts and things, irrespective of whether they are good or bad, involuntary or voluntary. Reason why you need to make predominant thoughts of what you want, not what you don’t want or are afraid.

Your current thoughts create your future life!

The tricky side to all this is, research shows an average human has close to 60000 thoughts daily, so you just might wonder how tedious it might be to monitor and control them all. The short way around this, is, your feelings. From how you feel at any particular time, you’ll know whether your thoughts are right or not; for you cannot possibly feel bad and be having good thoughts! If you feel bad, it is because you are having bad/sad thoughts and vice versa. Your feelings are feedback mechanisms for your thoughts, so to monitor your numerous thoughts, often ask yourself how you are feeling. If at any time, you realize that you don’t feel as good as you wish to, or your mood is not the best, then you know instantly that it’s coming from your thoughts. Change your thoughts immediately to something good. Play some music you love and sing (Enya does the trick for me ALWAYS), watch a comedy, think of someone you love, or anything that makes you happy, and watch your mood/feelings change. You might decide to write down these ‘mood-shifters’ and turn to them once you get these unwanted feelings. If one does not work, go to the next, for they have different effects at different times.

Summarily, to achieve what you want, you need to have a DEFINITE CLEAR picture of it in your mind, focus on and make it your predominant thought, believe you will get it, then see and react to yourself having it. Remember to focus on what you want, not what you don’t want for you tend to attract the things you mostly think of, whether good or bad, voluntarily or involuntarily.


The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind - Ralph Emerson.

You create your universe as you go along - Winston Churchill.


P.S. Find time to go through the 3 books/audiobooks above-mentioned you will be amazed.