We have all had the feeling. We want something for years. We finally get it. Then eh... we move on to wanting the next thing.

My theory is that this is the reason life keeps us long away from the things we want and dream of. Because we get accustomed quickly to newly acquired achievements and possessions, . Often too rapidly. We crave and dream of something for years. We craft cheerful images in our minds of what it would be like to have it all the while praying, planning and hoping. We then get it , get ecstatic and burst into joy. Only for a (short) while though. Shortly afterwards - a few minutes/hours/days later, barely having taken it fully in, the intensity of the joy is not half the intensity of the hope and craving we had. Neither is the duration of celebration compared to the period for which we longed. Not like what we got had become any less valuable than it was when we sought it. Just we got it, and our minds shift “on to the next”.

I wonder - if I was the giver of such pleasures, wishes and good fortunes as humans often seek, would I feel happy to give them what they have wanted for so long only to see them want something else or something more only a short while later? Would I perceive this as ambition or rather ingratitude? Would I not want them to spend a little longer than we typically do, being grateful and realizing for how long they wanted it?

I would surely want to wait considerably before giving them what they want if they are just going to move on so soon. I would certainly think twice. And this is what the giver seems to be doing.